• Super breaking strain ropes.
  • 8 strand 28mm to 72 mm.
  • Standard lengths 220m.
  • Manufactured to Quality Equipment Ltd specifications from blended Polypropylene and Polyethylene resins.
  • Embossed to produce high tenacity and durable characteristics.
  • UV stabilized to meet our extreme UV conditions.
  • Floats on water.
  • Made to exceed the Australian standard 4142.2-1993.

Applications:  Used in all industries where extreme breaking loads are required. Such applications are anchoring systems used in Aqua farms and ship mooring and docking systems.

R10HI28220C 28MM X 220M Weight 86.00 KG Breaking load 13,600 KG Available in White   33mm unloaded Coil
R10HI32220C 32MM X 220M Weight 111.00 KG Breaking load 16,800 KG Available in White  38mm unloaded Coil
R10HI36220C 36MM X 220M Weight 142.00 KG Breaking load 20,600 KG Available in White 41mm unloaded Coil
R10HI40220C 40MM X 220M Weight 174.00 KG Breaking load 28,400 KG Available in White 50mm unloaded Coil
R10HI48220C 48MM X 220M Weight 252.00 KG Breaking load 39,800 KG Available in White 60mm unloaded Coil
R10HI56220C 56MM X 220M Weight 343.00 KG Breaking load 52,800 KG Available in White  70mm unloaded Coil
R10HI64220C 64MM X 220M Weight 448.00 KG Breaking load 68,200 KG Available in White  80mm unloaded Coil
R10HI72220C 72MM X 220M Weight 567.00 KG Breaking load 85,800 KG Available in White  90mm unloaded  Coil

IMPORTANT WHEN ORDERING:  The sizing of 8 strand ropes is very difficult due to swelling of diameter in relaxed state.  Most foreign vessels will order by diameter and generally that will relate to the "under load" diameter not the relaxed diameter.

However some ships do work from the relaxed diameter measurement and therefore it is important to understand exactly what has been requested and the required breaking load as a check.

  • Breaking Loads are maximum, safe working load is 1/6th of the maximum load.