• Premium specification developed for extreme conditions.
  • Standard length 220m, other lengths made to order.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand by NZ Rope & Twine Ltd.
  • Made from blending specially compounded Polypropylene and Polyethylene resins.
  • Embossed to produce high tenacity and durable characteristics.
  • UV stabilized to meet our extreme UV conditions.
  • Made to exceed the Australian Standard 4142.2-1993.
  • Colour White with Blue/Red fleck

Applications:  Available to be used in all industries but principally developed for the professional crayfish industry where economical costing with maximum performance is demanded.

R01QE08220C 8.0MM X 220M Weight 6.80KG Breaking Load 1236KG Coil
R01QE09220C 9.0MM X 220M Weight 8.50KG Breaking Load 1545KG Coil
R01QE10220C 10.0MM X 220M Weight 10.50KG Breaking Load 1908KG Coil
R01QE12220C 12.0MM X 220M Weight 14.6KG Breaking Load 2654KG Coil
R01QE14220C 14.0MM X 220M Weight 20.0KG Breaking Load 3636KG Coil
  • Breaking Loads are maximum, safe working load is 1/6th of the maximum load.